About Us

From Dhanlaxmi Group in 1978 to Manomay Tex India Limited ( public ) with an advanced Denims manufacturing plant in 2013, We have no shame in admitting, that it has been a roller coaster of a ride.

As reality suggests, we’re cruising our way!

While we do not really believe in boasting, here’s a cheer to the facts-

In a short span of time, we have become a well-known name in the denims industry. WE no longer feel the need to shout, to announce our presence. We’re imminent!

We are not superheroes, but we believe in them. That is why, we do not make costumes, but make denims that empower you to be yourself, while you move on with your quest to change the world!

“Change the world. But first, be yourself!”

And, we make denims that let you be, you.

We are stationed with a top notch, advanced Denim Plant located at Gangrar Tehsil in Chittorgarh district, Rajasthan, India


We Believe:- ‘Together Everyone achieves more’

We will here for invest our relations with people & for people.



We are here not only for business but for making long term relations. A satisfied buyer and his appreciation for goods is inspiration for better working in future.

In this competitive era we serve satisfaction.

As a company we know our social responsibilities. We do projects in school ,villages for awareness of education and cleanliness.

We also know our responsibility towards environment . every year on large scale we plants tree and took a small step towards “CLEAN INDIA GREEN INDIA”


‘No Legacy is so rich as honesty’

Upper quoted one line is enough to describe our values. On the road of respect honesty & integrity are always awarded & we committed with our customers for all these.



“Things are good. But can they be better?” - We’re constantly, living with this question. And, have already embarked on a journey to find the answer. We’re getting closer, every day!

And, in the process, we are also becoming a better version of our past selves, surpassing all the milestones laid in the arena of denims.

Our Markets

If you plan on going on a quest to change the world, you can begin from anywhere (kidding, from the places that we are well-connected in, as mentioned below).


We trade our product all over India mainly in Metro Cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmadabad, Ludhiana, Indore, Bangalore, Kanpur, and Bellary

International Market

We supply our Denim Product in 14+ Countries like Colombia, Mexico, Egypt, Chile, Venezuela, Paraguay, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Argentina and Bolivia

Go on with your quest to change the world, but first, be who you are! And, pick any of the places mentioned above. We’re there besides!